We Are Central Calgary Soccer Academy

Develop technical and fundamental skills starting from grassroots all the way through to high-performance training.

Practice Location

10495 68 Street NE
Calgary, AB T3N 1B9


Why Central Calgary Soccer?

Central Calgary Soccer Academy (CCSA) mission is to develop technical and fundamental skills starting from grassroots continuing through to high-performance training.

Our academy’s primary goal is to challenge players in order to reach untapped potential and reach new heights of success within soccer.

Our academy focuses on building confidence in all of our athletes and promote a positive outlook on training. We train technical skills, awareness, speed & agility, along with strength & conditioning.

We want to bring communities together through having fun and maintaining upbeat positive energy at training.


Grassroots (U4-U6)

Grassroots is a program designed for kids from the ages 4-6. With this program we do not focus on solely winning or performance. So, parents please do not burden your kids with unrealistic expectations at this age group because this is their exploration stage.

Fundamental (U7-U8)

Fundamental program is much like grassroots. We are still introducing the game to these young kids so there is no emphasis placed on winning however there is emphasis placed on enjoying the game of soccer, making new friends and socializing.

Transition (U9-U10)

Transition program is designed for athletes 9-10 years old. At this age curiosity and energy is super high. Our technical training gets more advanced to stimulate further progression in their game. We channel that energy and curiosity to improve their game

Progression (U11-U12)

Progression program age group is 11-12 year old athletes. These athletes are becoming more advanced, and wanting more opportunities and responsibilities within the sport. We ensure that each athlete gets equal opportunity to develop ever lasting skills.

High-Perform (U13-U18)

High Performance training is designed for teenagers and young adults who are maturing or have matured physically and mentally to be able to go through higher intensity sessions. Practices will be an hour and a half, practices highlight advanced technical

Partner & Small group

This is additional training that the academy offers. If kids want specialized training and fixated focus solely on them to take their game to the next level this is the group for them. Intensified technical training, learning strategy of the game, increasing confidence

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Central Calgary Soccer Academy (CCSA) strives to maximize each athletes true potential as players and maturing individuals.

Fun – Most importantly we want all of our athletes to have fun. Our academy ensures that players and parents will look forward to showing up each and every practice knowing their children are being provided with elite training and a positive support system.

Fairness & Inclusiveness – Each player will be welcomed, treated equally and will be included in everything we do at practices and on the pitch. Every athlete will be partaking in activity and will get equal playing time in each session.

Respect & Sportsmanship – Respect is a must. Athletes must respect coaches, parents, their teammates and everybody in the academy across all age groups. Sportsmanship will be taught through competition, challenges and games. Both of these qualities are valued by the club as it will be shaping the athlete not only in soccer but for their entire lives.

Excellence – Everyday we aspire to do better. This is from the top down. We expect everyone to do their best each and everyday and try to do better than yesterday. This starts from the top down with training, coaching, parents and then the athletes. This is the culture of the academy and we plan to reach excellence through competition, games, practices, mentality and passion.