About Us

Started playing soccer at the age of 4. I have played soccer for 19 years of my life and have coached for the past 3. In January 2014 I played in Portugal for Benfica FC youth club. My professional playing career ended due to unfortunate injuries to my knee which could not allow me to play at that level again however, the experiences and knowledge I gained over all these years is what inspired this academy to be launched. I played tier 1 my entire life in Calgary and played for team Alberta during my playing years. Giving back to the community and teaching the next generations of soccer players everything I know in the sport is where my passion lies. 


  • Alberta C-License coaching 
  • Coaching Soccer in Canada
  • Soccer for Life
  • Fundamentals
  • Active Start
  • Learn to Train
  • Respect in Sport
  • First Aid Certification

Head Coach and Founder Mantaj Malhi 


Our Mission

Central Calgary Soccer Academy (CCSA) mission is to develop technical and fundamental skills starting from grassroots continuing through to high-performance training. 

Our academy’s primary goal is to challenge players in order to reach untapped potential and reach new heights of success within soccer. 

Our academy focuses on building confidence in all of our athletes and promote a positive outlook on training. We train technical skills, awareness, speed & agility, along with strength & conditioning. 

Our Vision

Central Calgary Soccer Academy (CCSA) motivational force is to provide elite training alongside promoting unity within communities through soccer. We want to bring communities together through having fun and maintaining upbeat positive energy at training.

This organization is a soccer academy only. In the near future it will turn into a club. The sole purpose of the academy is to give athletes additional training 2 times a week. The training will be full of activities and exercises never seen before to propel each athlete to greater success. 

This academy gives every opportunity to each and every athlete to grow individually and in a team. The value of this training cannot be matched as it is affordable for all families and is passion-driven training. Each athletes success and happiness is most important to us and we cater to what the athlete and parent want to get out of their training in programs we offer.